2016 Secret Yoga Society


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The Secret Yoga Society was born out of a desire to create an environment for like-minded people to come together, slow down and make connections in a fast-paced world. Sharing our love for simple yet delicious food, movement and of course a few glasses of red!


Set in a different space and with a different teacher and dining experience each time, no two events will be the same. A fun evening (or morning!) out with old friends or a great opportunity to meet new ones!


Whether you're an experienced yogi or have never stepped foot onto a yoga mat, the SYS events are for everyone. With a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, we aim to create a fun and lighthearted evening of entertainment and a place for people to meet and forge new friendships.


We offer a certain number of free spaces per event, we want to offer these spaces to someone you think deserves a night of restoration, rejuvenation and self love! So send your nominations via email. 

*No stories revealed or shared*

Just new friends connecting through movement and food.


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Bondi Beach,


NSW 2026

+61 426 139 449